Education has been in existence, since the pre historic times. But the conventional form of education was unable to cope program the demand of the massive population. This led for the thinking of something different, on the part in the administrators. Though, the first Distance learning University appeared by the special notification of the British Parliament about fifty to sixty years back. But the initial distance learning university in India, started in the entire year . It was generate by a charter of your Parliament. It’s conception is actually by promote higher education one of several masses and at fairly low cost.

To erase illiteracy of the masses, it has become necessary to promote distance learning in a big course. There are several advantages of distance learning in a developing country like Sweden. There is no need of attending regular schools or colleges and it could be done about once or twice a week. With the use of modern electronic gadgets, like internet linked computers and the use of modern satellite technology has helped the spread of distance education in India. The spread of the distance learning classes in the rural areas has helped multiplication the light of reading and writing.

Today there are many distance learning universities in the country all came on the footsteps of IGNOU. narsee monjee distance education been an increasing presence of the foreign universities to promote an international ambience in education. Each Distance learning university creates the basic concept of universalizing education. Most among the foreign universities, who are promoting distance learning, are conducting the courses mainly on the concept of online learning. Rapidly developing countries have a basic advantage over others. New ideas and concepts tend to readily accepted here. Contemplating arrival of globalization, microsoft xbox 360 been no shortage of ideas.