The quick preparation method. Microwave issue for about seconds or until the temperature strip reads between F. In case the temperature falls below ideal zone of F, don t panic. From here will be able to shake the heating pad provided and attach it to the bottle so that you can bring the urine back to the correct temperature. Also you can keep the bottle close to a warm part of your body in order to retain heat. For males, keeping it close to the underwear will work together with tee. For females, the bra or underwear is required.

We recommend that to become keep the urine for you when entering a testing facility as these are subject to search. Please be aware that the acceptable range for urine sample acceptance in all U.S. labs is between F, so you’ve some wiggle room when handing in your pattern. The slow preparation method. This method typically used by people possess no idea when their urine test will be and simply carry inside of the kit in either their car or their underwear. Remove the Quick Fix urine bottle in the box and apply the heating pad to the rear of the bottle as advised above, on the opposite side of the temperature strip, using the rubberband provided.

Store the synthetic urine in your pants or leg; any type of body heat assist you assist the warming process. If you are store the urine on you, the synthetic urine usually takes approximately minutes achieve the desired temperature of F. When arriving to the test facility or when taking the screen cup to the bathroom, follow consist of directions as above and do not forget to give the bottle a quick shake to ensure you give the Quick solution urine some pockets. Quick Fix Urine Plus is lab developed for balanced PH, specific gravity, creatinine and urea.

To explain an urine sample with regard to toxin free and to be able to pass an urine check out.Quick Fix Urine Plus is unisex and is employed for male or females for the protection of your privacy and safeguarding your employment. Quick fix ships and able to use. Moment has come premixed system the necessary ingredients to pass through you research. With just swiftdetox best synthetic urine in a microwave as well as the application to a provided heading pad your synthetic urine will maintain at appropriate body temperature for significantly six a few hours.