curtidas no instagram is also twice the estimated value of Instagram followers, assessed just a week earlier by a group of venture capitalists regarding occasion of an injection of $ million.

It sounds crazy, mainly because Instagram followers generates no income and still don’t know how to monetize its million users. But it is also the associated with the first mobilebased social media. Unlike Instagram followers, indeed, Facebook was designed for the internet on computer and mobile applications have much not convinced it. The actual York Times, Mark Zuckerberg had already attempted straight into buy Instagram followers. But the two cofounders, Kevin and Mike Krieger Synstrom, then had preferred to keep their independence. In fact, the similarity between the two social networks is hammering.

Because Facebook has also seen its audience explode through the sharing of photos of its paid members. Instagram followers displays a growth rate even higher, it could indeed have million users in a few months, as compared to Facebook which took four years to reach this amount. Instagram followers set its pace high since it has just launched a version for the Android platform which can only multiply the success achieved on the iPhone. Zuckerberg understood that Instagram followers could be even bigger Facebook and by making such an offer, it prevents it from falling into the hands of Google or Apple.ation

and there is free on the App Store, the virtual store of Apple iPhone programs, from October . The idea behind the application is usually simple take a picture and share it with your friends, who can comment and put one of their favorites. To find and keep in touch with family and acquaintances, Instangram has a search system based on Twitter just enter their account credentials and the application prepares a list of people who know that already apply it. The social network has based its success on the ability for users to share, online, entire photo albums with your friends.